Google backs Rocket, Netflix and EMC release tools, and more news

open source news
In this week's edition of our open source news roundup, we take a look at Google's support of rival to Docker, the release of source code for tools...Read more

Netflix has more than 50 open source projects

POSSCON, a technical conference, is just around the corner. Given the speaker lineup and talk topics, the event again promises to be one of the most...Read more

The right fit? 4 open source projects evaluated

In my guide, I wrote about doing your research by casting a wide net, then evaluating yourself (your skills, your goals, and your time). In this...Read more

The open source culture of freedom and responsibility at Netflix

Open (source) innovation
His adventure started in college with Slackware, lead him to Sendmail, then eventually to Reddit, and now his career is streaming at Netflix. Jeremy...Read more

Open source gift from Netflix rains chaos in your cloud

From Netflix, new tools for failing faster
At first blush, the software Netflix open sourced on Monday seems like part of an elaborate joke.Read more

Netflix completes the open source giving cycle

Netflix gets it. They understand the power of open source. Kevin McEntee, VP of Systems & ECommerce Engineering at Netflix wrote a blog post...Read more

Developing films the open source way

In a world where movies are produced on budgets of hundreds of millions of dollars, at a time when studios expect a huge return on their investment,...Read more

Does your organization need a "no policy" policy?

Daniel Pink published an interesting piece over the weekend in The Telegraph about Netflix 's innovative corporate policy of not having a vacation...Read more