bridging networks
Open organizations thrive by creating internal and external networks. One of those networks, says author David Burkus, should be an alumni network.
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Firewall your home network with a Raspberry Pi
David Both shares how he replaced his dedicated network firewall computer with a Raspberry Pi 2.
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Last week's launch of OPNFV is a good opportunity to think about a simmering debate in the OpenStack developer community for a while now—what exactly does NFV (Network Function Virtualization) have to do with OpenStack, and is it a good thing?
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So, how does an unknown anthropology professor from Kansas make a home movie on a “cheap computer” in his basement that beats out all the $3.6 million Super Bowl ads and transforms him into a Web 2.0 rock star? This story begins and ends with the free and open user-generated media-scape.
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