Nothing To Hide: An anti-stealth game in which you are your own watchdog

open source game
Nothing To Hide is an "anti-stealth game," in which you must carry cameras and spy gear to live in a world of self-surveillance and self-censorship...Read more

Observations from this year's NSA Open Source Industry Day

open source control not desirable
I attended the NSA Open Source Industry Day in Maryland this year and thought I'd summarize what did and didn't surprise me. We'll see if these...Read more

Do cloud right: Four critical steps to selecting the provider for you

cloud services and providers
When Edward Snowden leaked intelligence files, a storm was triggered in the cloud, leaving a path of destruction. Snowden’s email provider Lavabit...Read more

The Accumulo challenge, part II

To compete or collaborate
In Part I , we discussed the Senate Armed Services Committee (SACS)'s attempt to hobble the open source Accumulo project in the DOD. They directed...Read more

The Accumulo challenge, part I

The Accumulo challenge, part I
The dozens of software projects launched in the wake of Google's Big Table and Map Reduce papers have changed the way we handle large datasets. Like...Read more

History of open source in government

pssst! open source in use here
It is difficult to imagine the Federal government moving in one well-coordinated direction on any matter, and so it has been with the adoption of...Read more

SCAP: computer security for the rest of us

I'm setting up a new computer. I get through the registration screens, install my software, change my wallpaper, and everything's working fine. I'm...Read more