Michelle Obama annouces new NSF undertakings to improve work-life balance and STEM careers for women

This afternoon, First Lady Michelle Obama spoke at a White House event about the importance of supporting and retaining women and girls in STEM...Read more

Open government dead - pass the beer nuts...

Open government dead - pass the beer nuts...
The date on the tombstone - September 15. Open gov that was shouted from the rooftops on Obama’s first day died last week with barely a whisper - far...Read more

Scott McNealy, Obama, and Open Source

Gene Quinn's recent post titled " What Happened to the Obama Open Source Initiative? " criticizes, in turns, open source software, Scott McNealy, the...Read more

State of the Union: Is collaboration boring?

I loved this year's State of the Union address for the collaborative tone of both the President and the members of Congress. While many were...Read more

East meets West: the U.S.-India open government dialogue

Yesterday , U.S. President Barack Obama addressed members of the Indian parliament and announced a U.S.-India Open Government Dialogue. Addressing a...Read more

The importance of open data in education

The following article is largely based on a talk by Andy Pethan and Colin Zwiebel, "State of Open Data in Education," at the LinuxCon 2010 education...Read more

Patching democracy with open data

America held its first billion-dollar political race in 2008 – DVR use soared (no surprise there). A new lineup of over-produced ads and under-...Read more

Open Economics: Inspiring confidence through transparency

Market confidence is a valuable commodity in tough economic times. And governments will try just about anything to inspire some. Recapitalization--...Read more