What is geocaching? Heiko Rupp shares what it's like to search and find caches using GPS coordinates and other clues like riddles for this new kind of offline, outdoor scavenger hunt. Open source tools like c:geo can be used to "go geocaching" and the methods of the game resemble those used in open... Read more
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get offline
We're at a particularly interesting time in technology, the Internet, the open source movements, and what accessibility means. We get the ability to be a lot of different people that were not possible before: web designer, cloud architect, open source project manager, open source developer, and... Read more
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connecting people
Do we really need yet another collaboration tool? Miles Fidelman, a networking expert whose experience seems to span time, thinks so. He's worked with Bolt, Beranek, and Newman on military command and control systems, built a small hosting company, and started a community networking non-profit... Read more
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