Open data in education starts to show real traction

Working with the Open Education Working Group, a new area that is starting to show real traction is open education data.Read more

Better weather forecasting through open data

open data weather forecast
I began paragliding a few years ago. It’s maybe the most weather-dependent sport in the world. We often fly in mountainous areas, very close to the...Read more

Open access to meteorological data to increase accuracy of weather forecasts

Open weather forecasting
Humans have always wanted to know what the weather has in store for them, and have come up with a whole load of ways to predict what’s coming; some...Read more

Rapid development of citizen cyberscience projects on Crowdcrafting.org

Crowdsourcing science, open science
We are excited to announce the official launch of Crowdcrafting.org , an open source software platform—powered by our Pybossa technology—for...Read more

A directory for open data projects

Open Data Directory
Open (government) data as it is understood nowadays can still be considered a new concept. It started to gain traction worldwide since the Obama memo...Read more

Open data: Meaningful, visual information

Heat map of Raleigh open permit data
One of the keys to a successful open data portal is to make it useful for the end user. Citizens and developers should be able to understand data...Read more

The Open Book (Free Stuff Friday!)

The Open Book is an essential reference point for those interested in the culmination of a global movement for change in a time of rapid social...Read more

Open Data Day project calls for more openness in food facts

open food
One of the cool projects that OKF France were hacking away on during Open Data Day last weekend was Open Food Facts . It’s a free, open collaborative...Read more