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9 productivity hacks of a tech leader

Red Hat CEO on productivity
There are two components of productivity—doing the right things and doing those things efficiently. If you want to maximize your productivity, start...Read more

The business of guiding other businesses to open source

open source business
CEO Jeff Walpole of Phase2 helps persuade businesses to consider open source as a viable solution. Particularly, Drupal. J eff says, "Phase2 invests...Read more

5 lessons for any open source business transitioning to a revenue-based model

In a recent article on, I introduced Data Geekery , the company behind jOOQ , and talked about the challenges we faced when...Read more

Five ways to bring a more social, open development environment to your company

open development environments at work
Based on the success and effectiveness of the open source community, development organizations are taking a close look at the methods used within the...Read more

What to consider when transitioning your open source business to a revenue-based model

principles of open source business models
Can SQL as a language be integrated and standardised into Java through a set of simple formal language transformation rules? Yes it can. Data Geekery...Read more

The Canopy Initiative compels open source technologies to integrate

open innovation in business
Appnovation Technologies began as a Vancouver-based Drupal development shop and has since expanded to provide solutions for mobile, enterprise...Read more

A business built on open source: an interview with OSSCube

open business
OSSCube has a strict open source software only policy for everything they do. CEO Lavanya Rastogi and VP of Enterprise Marketing John Bernard share...Read more

Open source at the heart of most startups these days

open business culture
Bringing together people with high-energy and motivation to create startups that have the potential to make a positive impact on society is a great...Read more