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Real business innovation begins with open practices

Real business innovation begins with open practices
Everyone wants to be "innovative"—but what does that mean? And why is an open model the best way to achieve it? Steve George explains.Read more

How collaborative should I be during strategic planning?

The short answer is: very collaborative. Strategic planning requires hearing from all levels of the organization; leaders, managers, co-workers, and...Read more

Using the Myers-Briggs personality test for teams

Using the Myers-Briggs personality test for teams
Collaboration is essential to open organizations. But what happens when coworkers don't get along? Ron McFarland explains how understanding a bit...Read more

An open vision: Strategic planning is transparent at Mozilla

The Open Source Why
The Mozilla Foundation just drafted its five-year strategic vision. Matt Thompson explains how this organization did it the open source way.Read more

Doctors unite to increase access to quality health information

Six years ago, Dr. James Heilman was working a night shift in the ER when he came across an error-ridden article on Wikipedia. Someone else might...Read more

Can an open, collaborative approach still work when not everyone has opted in?

Over the past two weeks, I've been reading the book Power and Love by Adam Kahane (thanks to Eugene Eric Kim for the recommendation).Read more

Diving into open source communities: Students' need to knows

One of the talks at POSSCON's education track was John "maddog" Hall's presentation titled "FOSS Teaches You Twice or Three Times." A 42-year veteran...Read more

We work in public

My conversation with our newest MIX Maverick Andrew McAfee yielded all kinds of bracing insight when it comes to how we set strategy, structure work...Read more