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Buffer sees clear benefits to transparent employee salary policy

At social startup Buffer, transparency reigns
Social media startup Buffer is obsessed with transparency—so much so that it made all its employees salaries public. Founders say the results have...Read more

What organizations can learn from open culture and technologies

A few key principles of an open organization and how companies can put it into practice.Read more

Open source at the Consumer Electronics Show, blocked websites in India, and more

open source news
In this week's edition of our open source news roundup, we take a look to websites blocked in India, the debut of open source-powered devices at the...Read more

Coming unglued: Lessons in openness from a successful crowdfunding campaign

Last month, this site featured an article about the startup I work for, . Briefly, we think more books should be available to the world...Read more

Your open source guide to SXSWi 2012

Your open source guide to SXSWi 2012
SXSW Interactive is in full swing! But there's a lot left to go. Right now you're probably heading for whatever session is closest--and thus the one...Read more

Take the Ada Initiative census

Have you taken the Ada Initiative Census ? Nearly 2,000 people have taken part so far to help measure women's participation and representation in...Read more

Can open business practices survive an acquisition?

It ain’t easy being open in today’s corporate environment. It’s even harder for an open company to stick to its knitting when it joins forces with a...Read more

Leadership, culture, and innovation: A chat with Cheryl McKinnon

Do the cultures of proprietary companies impede innovation? Do open source companies need a different sort of leadership? I've got my theories, but I...Read more