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Open education is more than open content

Open education is more than open content
"Open education" means more than just "open content," says Jim Whitehurst. Here's how the true power of open can change education for the better.Read more

Launch of "What is open education?" resource on

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Education Reform: Insert your favorite "Wrath of Khan" joke blog title here

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Education in 2030: Open source and community-based

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Do you speak my language? Education versus open source processes and principles

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Avoiding the pitfalls of open education

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The role of technical forums in the progress of open source

I am a huge advocate of the concept of open source software. As a society, we are at a point where information sharing is more critical than ever...Read more

Open source software gains ground in higher education

Open source software is becoming a dominant force in the software world and the world in general. Unfortunately, many universities still teach...Read more