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Lobbying for open source and Linux in schools

school supplies for back to school
How to teach educators how to use open source in the classroom.Read more

Step-by-step: create an online quiz on Moodle

Moodle organizes data into courses for online and open learning. Learn how to create a course or quiz for your students in this step-by-step.Read more

Why pay for a degree these days?

What is open education and all of the resources out there all about? What does it all mean? Jodi Biddle tackles these big questions and more in this...Read more

Gibbon sees demand for open education grow

Over the previous few months, since I wrote about Gibbon earlier this year on, visits to the Gibbon website have increased 1,000%,...Read more

Open data in education starts to show real traction

Working with the Open Education Working Group, a new area that is starting to show real traction is open education data.Read more

Back to school series features open resources for kids

school supplies for back to school will be hosting two weeks of open education content from September 8 - 19 featuring educators, students, and others writing about...Read more

Back to school! 5 excellent open education resources

It's back to school for many kids in the United States, and soon to be so for many others around the world. While open source software and hardware...Read more

Do kids learn about open source in school?

If you answered Yes! , were you thinking of the principles of the open source way ? Sharing, collaboration, transparency, and failing faster are all...Read more