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Open Government Week call for contributors

Transparency, participation, and collaboration are key components to open source but also to the open government movement. During the month of May,...Read more

Transparent civic improvement with crowdfunding platform

Citizen participation
There are two processes in the public sphere that we all depend on but that few of us really understand. And what's worse is that both are in trouble.Read more

Dutch municipality group adopts and fosters open source

open source software for local government
The TYPO3 CMS project has a long history as open source project, with its foundation going back as far as 1997 when it was initially developed by...Read more

The state of open source at the VA (Veterans Affairs)

open source in government
The US Department of Veterans Affairs ( VA ) is the second largest agency of the US federal government. It employs more than 280,000 people, and with...Read more

UK government continues strong focus on open standards

open document format standards
A great deal of excitement has been generated by UK Cabinet Office Minister Francis Maude's forceful announcement in late January that the UK...Read more

Italy is latest to promote open source software in public procurements

In December, the Italian government issued final rules implementing a change to procurement law that now requires all public administrations in the...Read more

Year-in-Review: Government hot topics on

Top 10 open government articles in 2013
We have policies. Now what? In recent years, news of open source or open standards policies dominated our news feeds. Each new policy was hailed as a...Read more

Solving local problems through citizen participation

contest for citizen participation and local open government
Bloomberg Philanthropies recently launched the Mayors Challenge , a contest for funding in the European Union where large cities submit new,...Read more