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How Project Manager Jason Hibbets takes open source beyond technology

open source experience
Jason Hibbets wears many hats. One is red—he's a project manager for the open source leader, Red Hat. And, the rest are for newly defined roles in...Read more

What the future holds for an open source city

open source city
The future for Raleigh, NC as an open global city is very promising. There is a strong, participatory culture that is both leading and adding value...Read more

Observations from this year's NSA Open Source Industry Day

open source control not desirable
I attended the NSA Open Source Industry Day in Maryland this year and thought I'd summarize what did and didn't surprise me. We'll see if these...Read more

Four tips for building better apps for government

open government apps
Government CIOs have ample resources to do a great job for their communities and citizens. They have smart, well-intentioned people working for them...Read more

Do you have a cloud exit strategy? Here’s one clear path.

cloud in open government
The federal government’s march to the cloud has, at times, seemed more like a cautious ballet than anything else. While cloud-based projects are...Read more

What’s ahead for open source in government

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It’s a relatively quiet time for most governments around the world right now. Typically, during this time there are few new initiatives, policies, or...Read more

The promise of the Commons: an interview with David Bollier

the commons governance
Originally posted on Shareable . Reposted under Creative Commons. Written by Cat Johnson, a freelance writer focused on community, the sharing...Read more

The rise of the citizen CIO

Are citizen CIOs a threat to local governments or a blessing in disguise? With government IT departments producing more open data and participation...Read more