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Acquia CEO on open innovation and new markets for Drupal

open innovation
Download the free All Things Open interview series eBook Drupal is seeing tremendous growth in adoption and high demand for Drupal talent . Over the...Read more

Three free books on open innovation

open innovation books
I am a Copenhagen-based author, speaker, and strategic advisor who focuses on the topics of open innovation, innovation culture, and communication...Read more

Open or die: Innovation led by open source

Jim Whitehurst: Open or die
A shift is happening in the way innovation is occurring. Businesses are moving from closed systems to open, collaborative innovation. Red Hat CEO,...Read more

Do open source competitions really impact the movement?

your two cents
Sunglass , a platform for collaborating on 3D projects in real time, and DIYRockets , a global space company helping humanity establish a...Read more

Free books and reports on open innovation, co-creation, and crowdsourcing

open books
Here is an overview of valuable, free books and reports related to open innovation, co-creation and crowdsourcing. Drop a comment if you know of...Read more

The power of the 1 and how open innovation changed global health

How global health was changed with open innovation
[The following is the speech text for the keynote I gave at the SwitchPoint Conference April 20, 2012] It is sometimes said that computer scientists...Read more

Your open source guide to SXSWi 2012

Your open source guide to SXSWi 2012
SXSW Interactive is in full swing! But there's a lot left to go. Right now you're probably heading for whatever session is closest--and thus the one...Read more

The U.S. Government promotes open innovation--Is it now mainstream?

We live in an open source world
"We live in an open source world." For many readers of, those words are probably a part of your daily life; in all likelihood, you...Read more