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The short answer is: very collaborative. Strategic planning requires hearing from all levels of the organization; leaders, managers, co-workers, and employees. And at the end of the day, key stakeholders have to agree on the final mission, vision, and a set of objectives to align around and track... Read more
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6 ways to take care of your digital appearance
Digital media offer unprecedented opportunities for developing your personal brand of open leadership. Jackie Yeaney explains how to do it.
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Sam Knuth explains how managers can become better at delegating—by reflecting on precisely how they're doing it.
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Digital disruption is changing the nature of business, contemporary workers are demanding more from their organizations, and what it means to be a leader is shifting significantly as a result.
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Leading open teams involves collaborating with all kinds of personalities. Laura Hilliger shares secrets for making it work.
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In meritocracies, leaders can emerge anywhere—if you let them. Jackie Yeaney explains how to do it.
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Jackie Yeaney, EVP of Strategy and Corporate Marketing at Red Hat, explains the most difficult—and most important—lesson she learned when joining an open organization.
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Advice for open leaders
Jim shares his advice for anyone hoping to make a career of leading an open organization.
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Project management in the open organization
The Tao Te Ching is one of the most-translated texts in existence. And it has something to teach project managers wishing to lead in open organizations, says Allison Matlack.
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Enter our Twitter contest, win open leadership books
Introducing the 2016 Open Organization Twitter Sweepstakes!
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