open management

Sam Knuth explains how managers can become better at delegating—by reflecting on precisely how they're doing it.
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Author Brook Manville puts open organization concepts into contexts—and answers the question: "What's new here?"
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Throughtout the book, The Open Organization, author and Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst focuses on changing our thinking about executives and top-down management, asking us to consider how associates of all levels can participate bottom-up decision making instead. In the book's first five chapters, he... Read more
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Observations from working at Red Hat
I just started a new job in marketing and social media at Red Hat.  This is my first time working for an open source company, and I didn’t know what to expect.  I knew what it meant for software to be open source, but I had no idea how the principles of open source could be applied to other... Read more
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Sharing the path to success with your employees
I believe that the future success for businesses to attract and retain top talent relies on a more open management and leadership approach. The workforce is evolving and the new employee is part of a major change affecting not only how we hire and who we hire, but how our companies operate on a... Read more
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