open science

A guide to scientific computing system administration
How open source enables rapid advancement in scientific computing, and an overview of administering single nodes, clusters, and supercomputers
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HardwareX promotes open source hardware for science
The purpose of HardwareX is to help accelerate the distribution of low-cost high-quality open source scientific hardware.
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7 science projects powered by open source GIS
FOSS4G North America is taking place in Raleigh, NC next week. We highlight some of the ways open source geographic tools are changing science.
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M-Lab explores the current state of the Internet
M-Lab is the largest open Internet data project powered by crowdsourcing measurements of people's Internet connections from around the world.
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Open sourcing planet discovery with PANOPTES
The creators of PANOPTES believe a network of small telescopes can be just as powerful as some of the world's largest.
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Experimenting with the Raspberry Pi Sense HAT
The team has been fascinated by the Raspberry Pi Sense HAT, a low-cost addon for the Raspberry Pi that enables astronauts and citizen scientists alike to easily collect measurements from a variety of sensors to conduct science experiments or just have fun. So we decided to try one... Read more
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If scientific research, procedures, and data are all publicly available, researchers can work together to verify findings, test hypotheses, and increase the pace of discovery and innovation. That's the dream of the open science movement.
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5 Eclipse tools for processing and visualizing data
Five highly sophisticated scientific workbenches to help scientists and researchers to quickly make sense of their data in a reproducible way.
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A tool to help conference organizers find diverse speakers
STEMM Role Models helps connect event organizers with presenters from underrepresented groups.
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Teaching Python and more with open educational resources
Brian Hall shares a few of the open source resources he used to teach his college-level Python programming class.
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