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Free, high-quality education resources from the National Science Digital Library

Free, high-quality education resources from the National Science Digital Library
The National Science Digital Library is a collection of high-quality online educational resources for teaching and learning science.Read more

Manipulating data in 3D with LidarViewer

NASA intern Lauren Egts shares how she used open source LidarViewer for 3D data visualization.Read more

A Linux distribution for science geeks

Fedora Scientific is a Linux distribution specifically designed for enabling open science. It is a Fedora spin targeted at users whose work involves...Read more

7 rules of thumb for your open science project

The subsequent rules of thumb arose during the development of the Empirical Gramian Framework ( emgr ), a young open source software project in the...Read more

Can we make research more like the web?

Kaitlin Thaney is the Director of Mozilla’s Science Lab and an open science advocate. Her work in this space began with John Wilbanks building the...Read more

What's open source got to do with Earth science? NASA explains

Recent developments in the world of open source have had far reaching impacts more so than most critics initially envisaged. For example the recent...Read more

Open digital science journal gains users

The medical image community embraced open source as a standard practice back in 2000, with the adoption of the Insight Toolkit (ITK). ITK is...Read more

Collaborative science writing made easier with JotGit

Scientific writing with JotGit
Years ago, in a graduate computer science course, I was tasked with implementing an algorithm for "variational image segmentation by motion detection...Read more