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Using Clang-format to ensure clean, consistent code

Using Clang-format to ensure clean, consistent code
Learn about using Clang-format for consistent coding style.Read more

10 ways The Nature of Code is open

10 ways to fund, write, distribute, and maintain a book; example is The Nature of Code by Daniel Shiffman.Read more

Open source code helps governments share information with citizens

open source code
Before open data, there was FOIA. Beginning in 1967, the federal Freedom of Information Act ( FOIA ) empowered the public to request access to...Read more

Two open data centers at Facebook

open data center Facebook
Today, the many in the world focus on making things as environmentally-friendly as possible to reduce the negative impact daily life has on the...Read more

Lightworks for Linux: The developer's story

open lightbulbs
Lightworks for Linux is approaching its public testing phase. Lead Developer Rob Fearnside answers questions from Red Shark News about how it got to...Read more

Hacking on code and culture: Failure as validated learning

Taking collaborative risks
Open source is about more than the code, it’s about the culture. The open culture that many open source communities embrace is entrenched in...Read more

Montessori and the open source way

open source education and Montessori
I read with delight Steve Dennings article Is Montessori The Origin on Google and Amazon? . His arguments are firm, they accommodate a wide range of...Read more