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Scale like Twitter with Apache Mesos

Twitter birds
Twitter has shifted its way of thinking about how to launch a new service thanks to the Apache Mesos project, an open source technology that brings...Read more

Real debate between citizens and officials with DemocracyOS

In this interview with Pia Mancini, I investigate the technologies and background of DemocracyOS, a platform for open government.Read more

4 lessons from the trenches of community management

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Everyone's your partner in open source

When I first started working at ByWater Solutions the company was in its infancy, and as such couldn't afford a full time employee, but that didn't...Read more

Contributing back as an OpenStack operator

Paying talented developers to write high quality code isn't cheap; why on Earth would you then turn around and give that code to your competitors?...Read more

Careers in Open Source Week features professionals' tips and lessons learned in the field

Last week, we published articles from eight young professionals in open source —they are interns, students, and fellows working on open source...Read more

Looking for a technology job? Learn as much as you can about open source

The Friday afternoon I received an offer for an internship at Red Hat was hands down one of the most important days of my career. Every time people...Read more

Keynotes from OSCON 2014 Day 3

We're back with keynote coverage on Day 3 of OSCON 2014! This comes to you ( live stream ) from Portland at the Oregon Convention Center. See our Day...Read more