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Open data for humanitarian relief with the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team

It's HOT in Haiti, Indonesia, Ivory Coast, and other nations around the world. Why? Because Kate Chapman, the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT),...Read more

Open For Business: The importance of trademarks, even for an open source business

Though it might seem to contradict the open source way, I believe it is essential for an open source project to register and protect its trademark...Read more

The trouble with Harmony: Part 2

This is the second part of a two-part article critiquing the output of Project Harmony .Read more

The responsibility in open source

I’ve written before about the genuine renaissance open source software represents and the vast implications that openness provides. I’ve admitted...Read more

Applying the lessons of open source to ballet

Do open source software and ballet have anything in common? Sure, they have some obvious differences. But they share an imperative to collaborate and...Read more

The trouble with Harmony: Part 1

Harmony , the Canonical-led effort to provide a comprehensive suite of contributor agreements for open source projects, has quietly released its...Read more

Iceland's open-door government

After the recent economic crash, many governments had to overhaul both financial structure and fiscal regulation. The majority, including the US...Read more

Poll: Publicly disclose your salary

On our last poll, you gave us some insight about whose salaries should be made public . This week, we turn the tables. Have your thoughts changed?Read more