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Google embraces open doc formats, U.S. Marines choose Linux, and more

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The truth about the thick skin of a community manager

Jono Bacon previously spent 7 years as a community manager at Canonical. Today, he is the senior director of community at XPRIZE: an organization...Read more

A look back at open source in 2014

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Stephen Hawking's speech system, White House playbook, and more

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Google Code-in tasks and rewards for teens

Google Code-in is an initiative for 13-17 year olds to get involved in open source software projects. Participating organizations select its top five...Read more

Openwashing: adopter beware

Openwashing: Tom Sawyer whitewashing a fence
Openwashing is when a company undertakes egregious marketing and promotion schemes that exaggerate their participation in / contributions to /...Read more

How four students are changing online donations with CommuniGift

Giving back to a community is the ultimate gift. Whether it's code, documentation, bug reporting, project management, designing, or a financial...Read more

The impact of the Linux philosophy

Penguins gathered together in the Artic
All operating systems have a philosophy. And, the philosophy of an operating system matters. What is the Linux philosophy and how does it affect the...Read more