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Request your limited edition anniversary t-shirt today

They're all gone! Thanks to everyone who requested a shirt. For those of you who didn't get one, you've still got a chance through our Twitter...Read more

OSI And FSF in unprecedented collaboration to protect software freedom

Faced with a potentially large threat to free/libre and open source software from patent consortium CPTN, the two organisations have collaborated...Read more

Is your brand out of control?

I’m lucky enough to have the opportunity to spend much of my time these days doing something I love—helping clients position and manage their brands...Read more

Tron: An open source legacy

I was pretty excited to see the announcement about a sequel to Tron . The original movie was one that helped define my career as a bona fide geek. I...Read more

Open Source for America releases Federal Open Technology Report Card

The results are in for U.S. agencies' use of open source, thanks to a scorecard released today by Open Source for America . The Departments of...Read more

Open source returns integrity to science

Imagine it is 1912, but that the Titanic is fitted with an underwater radar system. Imagine that it senses an iceberg so large that even the captain...Read more

A hazy shade of value: Software patents just took a hit

Much of the problem with the current U.S. patent system involves haze. Whether it is ambiguity regarding what the patent covers or murkiness about...Read more

U.S. Administration's 'Technology Neutrality' Announcement Welcome News

Score another landmark for the mainstreaming of open source. On January 7, the Administration issued a succinct, clear message to Executive Branch IT...Read more