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Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP): Open or closed?
As the amount of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) content continues to grow, more questions are being asked about whether or not AMP benefits the open web, and whether AMP is a closed silo.
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Can we save the open web? Dries Buytaert, creator of Drupal, talked to a group during SxSW Interactive about how he began the content management service (CMS) Drupal in his dorm room in 2001.
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Closed silo challenges to an open web
The growing trend of closed content silos—publishing platforms that require a login in order to view the content—is a step away from a more open web.
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On January 20, Andreas Gal, former CTO of Mozilla, the company behind the popular open source browser Mozilla Firefox, announced in a blog post that former Mozilla CEO and Javascript founder Brendan Eich had launched a browser called Brave. "Brendan is back to save the web," Andreas wrote, and I... Read more
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Ben Kerensa looks back at open web highlights from 2015, and ahead at opportunities and risks in the new year.
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Eleven years ago, Firefox 1.0 was released with much excitement and anticipation.
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Working on the Open Web is a niche area of the greater open source community. Usually the work does not get the same level of fanfare of other areas of open source, but the work is very important.
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Mozilla's MozVR is a new technology that combines the open web and virtual reality, enabling developers to create virtual worlds that we can step inside.
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Mozilla's Emma Irwin talks about the work she does for Mozilla's Participation Team and the broader Mozilla Project.
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Priyanka Nag explains why learning about Mozilla was love at first site, and how the open source project and her role in its community are helping deliver an open web to India.
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