What's really accelerating today's pace of change in software is the combinations of many open source parts building on and amplifying each other. It's a dynamic that just isn't possible with proprietary software.
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Whether you are deploying applications in containers, VMs, or on bare metal, being able to group related services together into private networks and control the traffic flowing into and out of your infrastructure is important. The SDN controller fulfills that role by allowing you to define network... Read more
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Interest in software defined networking continues to grow, and for many, OpenStack and OpenDaylight are the natural tools for transitioning data centers to this new paradigm in network communications. Both are active and growing open source projects backed by a large community of companies and... Read more
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For years, the traditional model in networking was for much of the work to be done in hardware. But with the rise of cloud computing and virtualization, and the need for networks to become more agile and flexible than ever, a trend is beginning to take hold to take networking in the same direction... Read more
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