The quickest way to build mini-champions for IT in your organization

Building community in the IT department with a "thank you."Read more

Community spotlight: Carolyn Fox, pushing for openness at school and in the library

five questions with an opensource contributor
In our schools and our libraries, Carolyn Fox believes we can push for more openness. Just entertaining the idea of it would be a huge step in the...Read more

Six ways to celebrate St. Patrick's Day the open source way

Bet you didn't think St. Patrick's Day had anything to do with open source. You're wrong--here are six things you can do to celebrate the green day...Read more

SPARKcon: Art, music, and success with open source process

SPARKcon: Art, music and success with open source process
Process over content. Aly Khalifa from Gamil Design and Designbox used this mantra to instill open source roots at SPARKcon —an annual event that...Read more

Obliteration = Collaboration

Obliteration = Collaboration
A recent exhibition at the Children's Art Centre in Queensland Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art fuses two seemingly disparate concepts (...Read more

What makes a city open source?

What makes a city open source?
What qualities make a city open source? Is it technology, government policies, or businesses? No. It's the mindset of the people. It's the philosophy...Read more

Open business news roundup: Interesting articles and blogs

This month, stories about people doing business the open source way have popped up in some surprising places. From an Israeli food manufacturer to...Read more

What a classroom will look like in 10 years

What a classroom will look like in 10 years
Technology is rapidly evolving. This evolution is occurring because people are sharing ideas, resources and themselves online 24/7.Read more