OSCON 2012

The science of community management, a look at open source 2.0

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Want to thank everyone who came to my session and who sent me wonderful feedback from both the keynote and the session. I was thrilled to see ZDnet...Read more

Open Source for America asks U.S. government to "Free the Code"

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Open Source for America launched a petition Thursday to "Free the Code," an effort to encourage the U.S. federal government to release custom-...Read more

Highlights from OSCON 2012 and the Community Leadership Summit

Tim O'Reilly's 2012 OSCON keynote
Whether you're in Portland trying to keep up with everything, or at home and following along, here are some mid-week highlights from OSCON 2012.Read more

David Eaves' OSCON keynote encourages open source communities to apply negotiation theory among contributors

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David Eaves ( read his opensource.com posts ) is an open government and open data expert with a background in negotiation theory. In his OSCON 2012...Read more

Open source electronic health records for all

A great deal of excitement is in the air, anticipating OSCON 2012. At the healthcare track , this year we will be sharing the latest news and...Read more

Optimizing your OSCON experience

It's that time of year, again—the annual family reunion for many folks in the open source community, O'Reilly's Open Source Conference (OSCON) . More...Read more