4 command-line graphics tools for Linux
Learn about four command-line tools for Linux that can easily handle many of your basic (and not-so-basic) image manipulation tasks.
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Tutorials, workflows, and a place to showcase high-quality FOSS photography
PIXLS.US is a dedicated location for free software photographers to discuss and share their work.
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Open source tools enable professional photography
There's a wealth of high-quality open source photo editing tools, SouthEast LinuxFest presenter Justin Pennington writes.
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old camera
We explain how to get started with LightZone, free and open source software for high-end photo editing and management.
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How to use digiKam for photo management
digiKam bills itself as a digital photo management application, but it offers much more. We show you how to get started with this cool tool.
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Old camera
We explain how to get started with Darktable, an open source, feature-packed, cross-platform photography workflow application.
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car driving on the water
Akkana Peck shares three of her favorite GIMP tools.
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You've probably heard of Blender, but do you know about Natron? Our how-to will help you get started using this open source compositing tool.
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Faisal Maseet
Wiki Loves Monuments is one of the most successful free culture events worldwide. In this interview, we speak to Saqib Qayyum from Wikimedia Pakistan about how the event will help promote the commons to new communities.
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commons city photos
Have you visited the Wikipedia page for your hometown or the city you live in? There are likely images of local landmarks and interesting places, people, and things that are missing. To better represent your town or city, join the Wikipedia Takes America event this year!
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