15 podcasts for FOSS fans

15 podcasts on open source for your listening pleasure
Jason van Gumster shares 15 of his favorite podcasts on free and open source software and related topics.Read more

Going open can be a culture shock

Going open can be a culture shock
Red Hat public sector VP Paul Smith appeared on The Dave and Gunnar Show to chat about open organizations. Don't miss the insightful conversation...Read more

Patent trolls and open document formats with open source thought leaders

On Gordon Haff's blog, Connections, the senior cloud evangelist for Red Hat talked with Simon Phipps, the president of the Open Source Initiative...Read more

A call to arms for open source!

For both my friend and me, open source has been critical to how we live our lives. It's not a job or a career, but a calling. My personal journey...Read more

Free software on Hacker Public Radio

Kevin O'Brien likes to talk. Luckily for computer users everywhere, he likes to talk about free and open source software. O'Brien is tech track lead...Read more

Upstream serves up conversations with people who move open source forward

Upstream is a new podcast featuring interviews and conversations with people who are moving open source forward. The podcast is produced by Red Hat's...Read more

TinyCircuits for big projects with small open hardware needs

tinycircuit for tracking your cata
Need a technology podcast to add to your queue? Check out Dave and Gunnar's show at dgshow.org . Dave is the Chief Technologist for Red Hat's US...Read more

Dave and Gunnar interview Lauren Egts: Raspberry Pi, Scratch, and more

share your code
Last year, Lauren Egts designed and programmed a game ( The Great Guinea Pig Escape ) using a youth-focused programming language called Scratch . She...Read more