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Can America's two-party system evolve to crowdocracy?

Can America's two-party system evolve to crowdocracy?
"Crowdocracy" is an idea whose time may have come. Open principles are proof it can work.Read more

The open source CEO strikes again

Free software advocate Scott Merrill shares his thoughts on The Open Organization by Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst.Read more

Participation value and sustainability through the lens of American Idol

open source communities
Whether in the US or abroad, most everyone is familiar with American Idol . While not an open source project or community, American Idol is a good...Read more

The increasing value of community management

open source communities
"Every year, the art and science of community management is becoming more predictable," said Jono Bacon, the Community Leadership Summit lead...Read more

Your ideas are your assets: Jim Whitehurst on 21st century value

20th century companies defined success by their hard assets. In contrast, 21st century businesses are based around information and ideas. In this...Read more

Contributing back to society: eejot.org

Meet Prabhat Jha. He founded an organization called Eejot, which means "light." Its mission is to improve and facilitate education in remote villages...Read more

Show me the money...

Every day I come to work, I get excited about the possibilities of the power of participation: to solve complex problems, to share knowledge, to...Read more

Toyota gives customer-driven design the green light

A few weeks ago, Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst wrote an article for BusinessWeek suggesting that Toyota might benefit from doing things the open source...Read more