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Analyze, collaborate, and share research with open source tools

Open source tools for analyzing, collaborating, and sharing research data.Read more

Rust programming language for speed, safety, and concurrency

Open source interview series
Rust developer Steve Klabnik will speak at All Things Open in Raleigh next week, and this exclusive interview offers an advance look at his talk.Read more

Shell-o world: Turtle graphics in Python

Open source code for a better food system, code with grass image
The Python Turtle graphics provide easy and fun ways to teach kids programming basics.Read more

Love for Perl unites diverse community

When Ruth Bavousett attended her first Perl conference in 2012, she was worried how she'd be accepted as a transgender person. Three years on, she...Read more

Out with the old code, in with the new

Lines of code, orange background
Bruce Eckel is the author of Thinking in Java , Thinking in C++ , and a number of other books on computer programming. He's been in the computer...Read more

Rust commits to 6-week release cycle

Rust releases 1.0 and talks about their new 6-week release cycle. It will allow Rust users access to new features and bug fixes quickly, there are...Read more

PyCon 2015 conference report & video roundup

Pierre-Yves Chibon reports from PyCon 2015 Language Summit and conference.Read more