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The Raspberry Pi is a miniature computing platform inspiring a new generation of coders and tinkerers. Read our <a href="/resources/what-raspberry-pi">what is a Raspberry Pi</a> resource page to learn more.

Cartoon graphic of Raspberry Pi board

Install Kubernetes on several Raspberry Pis for your own "private cloud at home" container service.
Digital images of a computer desktop

A proof of concept using AndroidXML and TotalCross provides an easier way of creating UIs for Raspberry Pi and other devices.
Digital images of a computer desktop

Make adding machines to your private cloud at home similar to how the major cloud providers handle it.
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Automate adding new devices and users to your homelab while getting to know a cloud-industry standard.
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Add shared filesystems to your homelab with an NFS server.
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Create a "private cloud at home" with a Raspberry Pi or other single-board computer.
Cartoon graphic of Raspberry Pi board

Use these open source tools and simple commands to easily interface with other devices from your Raspberry Pi.
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Got some downtime to rethink how you manage your hotel or motel?