What can the open organization and open education movements learn from one another? We gathered to think about it (in the open, of course).
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When Main Street opens up
How does open organizational thinking impact Main Street businesses? Our community discussed.
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Miss the recent #OpenOrgChat? Don't worry. You can catch up here.
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OpenGov chat
Did you miss the recent #OpenOrgChat on open government? We've got a recap for you.
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Open Organization book cover stacked
In "Letting the Sparks Fly," The Open Organization's fifth chapter, Jim Whitehurst directs readers' attention to forces that inhibit the kind of "frank" discussion that make organizations better. This is a recap of the Twitter chat.
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The Open Organization, was crafted and drafted in all of its forms, from start to finish using an open source tool: LibreOffice. True to the open source way, when Jim Whitehurst, the author, and CEO of Red Hat, needed to implement a new feature on LibreOffice to make the process easier, he did so... Read more
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Karen Borchert gave a talk at the All Things Open conference this year about how 'open' changes products. I am a Community Moderator for and covered the talks I attended at the conference this year. I will be sharing my recap of the presentations on the site over the next several... Read more
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Collaborate with others
A report back from Code for America Summit 2014 this year -- what's the same, what's changed, and what's more serious.
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Python in the enterprise
This is a summary of Jessica McKellar's talk about Python in the Enterprise at the All Things Open conference this year. She is on the Board of Directors for the Python Software Foundation and an active leader of the Boston Python User Group. Python, the programming language, is an open source,... Read more
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open source inventions
All Things Open began with interesting and controversial keynotes; both centered on a call to action for the open source community. This part one of a two part series: first, a recap of Andy Hunt’s keynote, second and published next, a reacp of Whurley’s keynote.
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