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Open source software's implications beyond software

Jim Whitehurst wears his red shoes on stage at All Things Open 2015
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When my open source intern project went global

Open source interview series
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How I discovered Linux's true power

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A starry-eyed dreamer reflects on The Open Organization

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Linux and Python education for students in Israel

Now entering its third year, the ROSE (Red Hat Open Source for Education) Project is a cross-community effort that brings students from Tira together...Read more

Outreachy and the road toward diversity

Diversity has a new full-time ally. Marina Zhurakhinskaya recently won an O'Reilly award for her work in diversity for free and open source software...Read more

How open source helped one woman break into the tech industry

Open source on the seven seas
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5 takeaways for companies overseeing interns

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