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Open source internships make great career starters

Open source lessons for life
For most students, an internship presents a major opportunity to learn and grow in a real-world environment. Interns who join an open source company...Read more

How OpenStack differs from Amazon and must rise to the occasion

OpenStack innovates in the open
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Why I love OwnCloud: answer to Dropbox lock-in

open source in the cloud
I recently covered the release of Dropbox platform and my thoughts on the impending cloud storage lock-in. I was also fortunate enough to run across...Read more

Participation value and sustainability through the lens of American Idol

open source communities
Whether in the US or abroad, most everyone is familiar with American Idol . While not an open source project or community, American Idol is a good...Read more

Community management tips from Greg DeKoenigsberg of Eucalyptus

why open source
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An IBM journey from rocket engineer to the Eclipse Foundation

beautiful technology
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Who owns an open source brand—the company or the community?

open source brand
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Company culture at Red Hat through the eyes of the 2013 summer interns

red hat intern program
Every year, a select group of university students and recent graduates join Red Hat’s North American summer intern program. The application and...Read more