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Who owns an open source brand—the company or the community?

open source brand
Download the free All Things Open interview series eBook Being a brand manager for an open source company—like Red Hat—is completely different than...Read more

Company culture at Red Hat through the eyes of the 2013 summer interns

red hat intern program
Every year, a select group of university students and recent graduates join Red Hat’s North American summer intern program. The application and...Read more

Open discussion from the inside out: A Red Hat intern's experience

open dandelions
I’m a words guy. This summer, I was an intern for the content team—part of the marketing services group at Red Hat. They kept me busy writing copy...Read more

Working with Red Hat's Pulp team

open source ingredients
This May I started my internship at Red Hat with the Pulp team . Since it was my first ever internship, I expected I would spend the summer working...Read more

Young maker says Raspberry Pi is way to go

Raspberry Pi
A few weeks ago I was able to attend the Mini Maker Faire in Cleveland , Ohio where I got to meet with local makers and discuss a variety of subjects...Read more

The open source advantage: Executives learn how to stay competitive

open source why
Let's say you're a big company in a competitive industry. One who innovates and succeeds by creating software. Not extending COTS, not adapting...Read more

Open Faculty Expertise grant helps teachers gain necessary expertise

teacher learner
A group of colleagues— Stoney Jackson (Western New England University), Sean Goggins (Drexel University), Darci Burdge (Nassau Community College),...Read more

Thread of openness weaves TedX talks together

TED is a nonprofit that seeks out "ideas worth spreading", showcasing them annually at a conference before a select audience. Thankfully, the best...Read more