How to increase online privacy with open source tools and best practices

How to increase online privacy with open source tools and best practices
In this article, I'll analyze a few open source tools and concepts that you might use to increase privacy on the Internet for yourself.Read more

The state of container security

The state of container security
Chief Architect for the central US at Red Hat, Thomas Cameron , will present at the 14th annual Southern Californian Linux Expo ( SCaLE 14x ) this...Read more

Top 5: Linux security, Slack chat alternatives, Vagrant, and more

Open in sky
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Encryption back doors: Is there more to this debate?

As the the encryption access debate heats up in the United States and abroad, Mark Bohannon weighs the consequences of revisiting the Communications...Read more

Keeping your Linux system safe

While most of the Linux community would agree that viruses don't affect Linux, there are some people we share files with who are affected by viruses...Read more

Internet Bug Bounty, Munich's commitment, and more news

In this week's edition of our open source news roundup, we take a look at the Internet Bug Bounty, a smart robotic spider powered by Snappy Ubuntu...Read more

Keeping your system secure with SELinux

Few things in the Linux world evoke a strong reaction like SELinux , the security enhancement for Linux. At LinuxCon, Susan Lauber hopes to soften...Read more

SafeStack attacks with a purpose

Laura is the founder and lead consultant for SafeStack, a specialist security training, development, and consultancy firm. Laura tells me in this...Read more