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With the increasing popularity of the Internet of Things and cloud services, encryption and security best practices are more important than ever.

Security monster

Stay off Santa's (and your employer's) naughty list by following this list of useful security tips and practices.
A lock on the side of a building

Integrate your Linux self-hosted Bitwarden instance with AD using Bitwarden Directory Connector.
Password lock

Take the hassle out of picking passwords with this simple Bash script.

What's behind that lock icon in your web browser?
A top secret file.

Flatpak secrets management is getting an upgrade. Here's what's coming.
a checklist for a team

Here are five ideas for security automation.
Three closed doors

Event-driven security is not an impenetrable wall, but it may be cheaper and better than what you've been doing to prevent data breaches.
computer servers processing data

Harden your Linux server in seven easy steps.