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Running JMeter with Jenkins
How to set up performance monitoring with the popular Jenkins automation server, and Apache JMeter load and performance tester.
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The trials and tribulations of cross-platform software development
Marcus Hanwell shares his experience with different cross-platform development methods and tools.
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OSCON interview with Andreia Gaita
GitHub's Andreia Gaita shares what she's learned in her 16 years as a cross-platform developer and more ahead of her talk at OSCON in Austin, Texas.
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Save development time and effort with Ruby
If your time is precious to you, give the open source Ruby programming language a try.
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Test automation
Testing is, by definition, challenging. If bugs were easy to find, they wouldn't be there in the first place.
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PayPal's Duane O'Brien shares how his team decides which projects to open source.
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Docker sparked the trend in software containers less than two years ago. And since its modest presentation at PyCon in 2013, the startup has vaulted to a value of nearly one billion dollars, drawn 2,500 attendees to DockerCon, and its namesake technology has become a marketable skill to have,... Read more
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Continuous integration
Traditional continuous integration (CI) systems are designed as a pipeline of jobs. You have a peer review, then the build job, then the unit tests job, then the integration tests job, then the performance tests jobs, and so on.
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The open development method is better for business. Scrum is dead.
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Continuous integration is an important part of an agile software development setup. Check out these six tools that help get the job done.
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