How open source is outliving the hype 13 years later

open source in the stars
Open source as a buzzword has lost much of its buzz. It’s not quite as dead as "SOA," but it’s definitely been supplanted by today’s favorites: the...Read more

Could the Girl Scouts position themselves as a tech giant?

education universe
Now that full-fledged computers are approaching the size of a USB Flash drive and are being sold for less than $75, my interest in designing a Linux...Read more

How software patents are delaying the future

software patents
This fall, I went to Amsterdam to talk about " How Software Patents Are Delaying The Future ", on a discussion panel organised by the European Patent...Read more

The case for digital literacy and open source in classrooms

Municipalities across America should be working to bring open source educational tools to schoolchildren so they will have the necessary digital...Read more

Should software patents be abolished?

patent struggle
We talk a lot about what might be done to fix the problems of software patents, but not much about abolishing them. Abolition seems well-nigh...Read more

Open source software helps artists create music

music infinity
TruthLogik, a New York based hip hop artist, says that in a million years he could not have imagined he would be recording an album using entirely...Read more

Should we require that open source is developed openly?

Roy Tennant wrote an interesting post about the definition of open source, in it he says: "Open source" should mean exactly that and nothing more—the...Read more

One bug, millions of dollars lost: An argument for open source solutions

annoying bugs
On August 1, Knight Capital Group , a financial services company, lost $440 million in less than an hour because of a software bug. As I understand...Read more