LimeSurvey: An open source, feature-rich polling platform
If you want a robust, customizable polling platform with features for complicated surveys and a useful statistical analysis and summary system, then check out LimeSurvey.
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65% of companies are contributing to open source projects
Black Duck's 2016 Future of Open Source survey indicates open source is viewed as an engine for innovation, yet most companies still have no policies for tracking and securing open source code.
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Every year we ask our readers what they think of how they use the site, how they share articles, what they want to read, and more. The survey is a great learning tool for us, and we try to make it informative for readers, too. See the highlights in this article.
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2015 Future of Open Source Survey image
Paul Santinelli gives feedback on the Future of Open Source Survey conducted every year by North Bridge in partnership with Black Duck Software. Prior to North Bridge, Paul was the founder of an open source startup and held senior roles at Red Hat, IBM, Lotus Development and Compuware.
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Ship sails in the sky
Each year, my favorite open source software survey asks "Where is the future of open source taking us?" I think we have to address and made big changes to user experience. Not just user interface, but the whole experience.
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Every six months, the OpenStack Foundation reports on the results from its user survey. The results for the most recent iteration were released earlier this month on the OpenStack Superuser blog. Let's take a look and see what's new.
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Blue clouds, OpenStack
Interested in keeping track of what's happening in the open source cloud? is your source for what's happening right now in OpenStack, the open source cloud infrastructure project.
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Organizations large and small are changing their approach to open source software (OSS). Increasingly, OSS is being viewed as more than just a development tool, but as a strategic asset. And the implications of this change are becoming clear.
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Black Duck recently published the results of their Future of Open Source Survey, finding the healthcare industry to be one of the most impacted by open source.
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OpenStack user survey results
The best software prioritizes the needs of its users. Listening to the user and more closely involving them in all aspects of design, development, and documentation has been a key focus of this year's OpenStack Summit, which is wrapping up here in Atlanta today. The user is an important aspect of... Read more
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