Avoiding quality assurance disasters with openQA

Avoiding quality assurance disasters with openQA
Proper quality assurance can save lives and money. That's why the openSUSE and Fedora communities heavily rely on openQA, a fully automated and open...Read more

What makes test automation successful?

Test automation
Testing is, by definition, challenging. If bugs were easy to find, they wouldn't be there in the first place.Read more

How to perform Drupal 7 integration tests with Red Test

Image of spider web
Neerav Mehta explains how Red Test can make life easier for Drupal developers.Read more

When my open source intern project went global

Open source interview series
In many organizations with traditional hierarchies, being a newbie may mean you'll be ignored. This isn't the case at Red Hat.Read more

Test out DocHive for data geeks and journalists

Calling all data geeks and journalists! Testing is now open on DocHive, an open source Ruby on Rails project for capturing data from image-based PDFs.Read more

Teaching open source changed my life

The director of Open Source Training tells the story of how he got away from traditional teaching and testing methods and found joy again in teaching...Read more

Make it easy to contribute by making the software easy to test

testing software
Question: How do you get more developers to contribute to a free and open source software project? Contribution is the lifeblood of a FOSS community...Read more