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The iconic text editor Vim celebrates 25 years

The iconic text editor Vim celebrates 25 years
A brief Vim history and update on where the text editor is today.Read more

5 tricks for getting started with Vim

Getting started with Vim
Want to become a master of text editing in the terminal, and beyond? These tips for getting started with Vim will steer you in the right direction.Read more

Vim or Emacs: Which text editor do you prefer?

Vim or Emacs?
It may be 2016, but among many developers and system administrators, the editor war is still alive and well. Vim (and vi) or Emacs : Both have strong...Read more

Getting started with Emacs text editor

An intro to Emacs
GNU Emacs can be much more than just a text editor. Learn how to get started.Read more

Top 5: Linux in the military, tools for documents and text, and more

Top 5 articles of the week on Opensource.com
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5 open source alternatives to Google Docs

Take a look at five great open source alternatives to Google Docs.Read more

What's your preferred text editor?

The text editor is a workhorse for many people working in tech. A few of the most popular options out there today are tried-and-true text editors...Read more

Collaborative science writing made easier with JotGit

Scientific writing with JotGit
Years ago, in a graduate computer science course, I was tasked with implementing an algorithm for "variational image segmentation by motion detection...Read more