Why a Buffer developer open sourced his code
An iOS developer at social media startup Buffer says the company's culture of openness prompted him to open source his code. Now he's reaping the benefits of that decision.
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Hiring and compensation are two organizational practices ripe for transformation. In his two-part series, Chad Whitacre explains how Gratipay has already done it.
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Appreciating the full power of open
A balanced approach to openness can yield extraordinary results, writes Jim Whitehurst.
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At social startup Buffer, transparency reigns
Social media startup Buffer is obsessed with transparency—so much so that it made all its employees salaries public. Founders say the results have been surprising.
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business as usual or dead end?
Reflecting on recent interactions with CIOs, Margaret Dawson outlines six ways transparency can transform IT operations.
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The Open Source Why
The Mozilla Foundation just drafted its five-year strategic vision. Matt Thompson explains how this organization did it the open source way.
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Cap Watkins, VP of Design at Buzzfeed, asks an important question: Why don't we treat our organizations like we treat our products?
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There are three key things you need to tackle to get your feedback loop spinning. This is the foundational work that gets everyone pushing in the same direction and creates a safe environment where everyone feels comfortable having difficult conversations. As a leader, you must role model these... Read more
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Working in an open organization means actively addressing everything that prevents collaboration. It means, as Sam Knuth says, "putting the moose on the table."
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While it would be hard to argue that the Internet hasn't made governments at all levels more open, they clearly are not as open as they could be, nor are they as transparent as its citizens are.
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