Open source is like falling in love

Open source is for lovers
I've always believed that the best things in life should come in open source packages. Openness is a natural synonym with selflessness and, thus,...Read more

The merits of failing faster

Fail faster
Promoting a culture that supports failure is a foreign concept to most people, but not for the panelists speaking about open government and business...Read more

Relationship coffee: Creating shared value with transparency and trust

Relationship coffee
Sustainable Harvest’s inclusive business model is called Relationship Coffee™. While many companies today operate on a series of short-term, profit-...Read more

It's the culture, stupid! How Atlassian maintains an open information culture

It's the culture, stupid
All modern businesses run on information, so business management is also about Information Management . However, software alone cannot transform an...Read more

Roche: From oversight to insight

Roche: From oversight to insight
Can a company bust bureaucracy by liberating people to manage themselves? A team of managers from Roche Pharmaceuticals set out to prove this point...Read more

Open source teaches people how to fish

Open source teaches people how to fish
One of the things I love most about the open source communities I’m a part of is that when I ask a question, I just don’t get the answer, I get...Read more

Open States project achieves grand milestone

Open States project achieves grand milestone
Three years ago at PyCon 2009 , we had the first PyCon Open Government Hackathon. Our big project was Open States (then the 50 State Project). The...Read more

Transparency isn't a cost – it's a cost saver

Transparency isn’t a cost – it’s a cost saver
Last month, Don Drummond - a leading economist hired by the Ontario government to review how the province delivers services in the face of declining...Read more