How to build an open data initiative for your city

How to build an open data initiative for your city
Montréal Ouvert is a citizens’ initiative to obtain a formal open data policy for the city of Montréal, Canada. Launched by four Montrealers in...Read more

Z: The open source generation

Z: The open source generation
Generation Z is beginning to join the workforce. This age group--born between the early 1990s and early 2000s--has never really existed in a world...Read more

Mozilla: A study in organizational openness

My theme this week is organizational openness and transparency and today I'd like to highlight a fantastic example of an organization that has built...Read more

SPARKcon: Igniting creative thinkers with open source

SPARKcon: Organizing creative thinkers with open source
How do you celebrate the creativity of your community without falling into a rigid planning process? You open source it. By tapping into individuals...Read more

How open and transparent can a public company really be?

Here on, we often talk about the benefits of an open, collaborative approach, and I see new stories every day that help showcase the...Read more

Mårten Mickos: "F" as in freedom, and in fun, and in the future

If you haven't heard a keynote about the wonders of the cloud, you haven't been to an open source conference lately. But M å rten Mickos' LinuxCon...Read more

Clay Shirky on structured fighting, technology, and all the squishy, human stuff

Clay Shirky, known for his books Cognitive Surplus and Here Comes Everybody: The Power of Organizing Without OrganizationsRead more

Crowdsourced Icelandic constitution submitted to parliament

Last week, the Iceland Constitutional Council , made up of 25 Icelandic citizens, presented a bill to their parliament outlining a new constitution...Read more