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Work from home (WFH) covers topics related to or focused on being a remote employee. We are especially interested in tips and open source tools to be effective. Opinions on remote work, asynchronous communication, telecommuting, and other related terminology is welcome as well. 

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Repurpose an old computer to support the new home-schooler in your life.
Working from home at a laptop

How does working from home work?
Person reading a book and digital copy

Workshop slides can be viewed consistently on any browser, device, and platform with this easy workflow.
Chat via email

Plus, learn about a few open source alternatives for chat.
A person working.

Transitioning to a home office isn't always easy, but a few simple steps can help you become a pro remote worker.
Working from home at a laptop

Stay flexible, embrace change, and think of the transition to your home office as an opportunity to create a healthier WFH experience.
Oatmeal and a laptop.

Whether you're a WFH veteran or a remote work newbie, these tools make communication and collaboration a snap.
markers for a whiteboard

Need to whiteboard or draw something with others? Give Drawpile a try.