women in open source week

Call to all open source communities: Emphasize inclusion

As a woman in open source, I have found that the values of community, open development, and flat organizational structure appeal equally to both men...Read more

Engage women, have fun, get more out of your open source project

There are few women developers and even proportionately less working in open source communities. However, a career in OSS is ideal for women who are...Read more

Advice from 5 Joomla! project leaders: Part 2

Last week, five Joomla! project leaders shared insights into their roles and advice for how to be a great leader in an open source community. Here,...Read more

Make money and have fun in open source

Women in open source. Women in programming. Women in tech at all. Where are they?Read more

Advice from 5 Joomla! project leaders: Part 1

The Joomla! community, inside and outside the company, is diverse and multi-cultural. It is made up of all sorts of people with two things in common...Read more

Got questions on open hardware? Ask this engineer

One of my favorite quotes is "We are what we celebrate." Dean Kamen, founder of FIRST Robotics, says this and it comes up on an almost daily basis...Read more

What I learned while editing Wikipedia

I was introduced to the Wikimedia movement primarily as a communications consultant for Wikimedia Foundation’s first Global South project that began...Read more

Women in Open Source Week

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Welcome to Opensource.com's Women in Open Source Week Opensource.com will highlight the efforts of women in open source from January 27 through...Read more