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How to help developers help themselves
Sharing best practices and new tools with developers is important for software companies employing thousands of developers, many who live and work in remote locations all over the world.
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lightning talks, video
At Penn Manor school district they are unlocking the true power of technology. See how in this 5 minute video.
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Open source community members share what they like (or don't like) in a project sticker, their rules for which stickers are collected and displayed, and their wish lists for stickers they're still hoping to collect. Plus, we present the Rules for Sticker Club, and a list of sticker tips for open... Read more
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Find out more about the culture within the Internet Archive and the backgrounds of two people helping keep it alive.
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Preview on paper with coffee
Coming up: Open Source Food & Beverages, plus a look ahead at our gift guide and 2016 calls for papers.
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Jim Whitehurst wears his red shoes on stage at All Things Open 2015
Jim Whitehurst keynotes at All Things Open 2015; Nicole Engard recaps.
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All Things Open moons
Nicole Engard reports from keynotes at All Things Open 2015 on passion in open source and the Internet of Things.
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All Things Open moons
Take a photo with our Twitter wall at All Things Open for a chance to win!
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Author, technologist, and open source entrepreneur Jim Salter shares his thoughts about his association with FreeBSD and open source, his open documentation project, his consulting firm, JRS Systems, and All Things Open 2015.
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Red Hat's Burr Sutter previews his All Things Open talk.
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