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How to make animated videos with Krita

How to make animated videos with Krita
Animation isn't easy, but the good news is that open source supplies plenty of high-quality animation tools.Read more

Changing the way we design for the web

Changing the way we design for the web
Rachel Nabors, a CSS animator, will keynote at All Things Open this year, in Raleigh from October 26-27.Read more

Teaching teens 3D animation with Blender

Tom Haines of 3Dami talks about using Blender to teach the animated movie-making process to teens.Read more

An open source celebration of one whimsical video game

We interview Bill Eager, author of EarthBound Text, a tool for fans of a video game that continues to delight two decades after its 1995 release.Read more

How open film project Cosmos Laundromat made Blender better

Cosmos Laundromat (or Project Gooseberry for those of us who have been following its production from the start) isn't just a 10-minute short film. It...Read more

Cool new features coming to Blender 2.75

Project Goodeberry surprised sheep character
The release of Blender 2.75 is right around the corner. Granted, with a two[-ish]-month release cycle, that always seems to be the case. Of course,...Read more

The Blender Institute's sixth open film project

The Blender Institute's sixth open film project, codenamed Gooseberry, is in its final production cycles. As they work toward a summer release,...Read more

Unsurpassed open filmmaking on feature length movie Gooseberry

Open source movie
For animators working with free and open source software, nothing compares to Blender . A fully-featured 3D animation suite, it offers a huge array...Read more